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Precision Steel Components

At every stage of production, priority is given to

Highest precision

Warsaw - Jawczyce

Strategic location

We are a global supplier of precision steel components for vehicles, machinery and equipment.

We offer comprehensive solutions in the field of precision mechanics for manufacturers and distributors from the automotive, agricultural, defense and heavy industry industries.

We specialize in the production of the highest quality nozzles, injectors, and stamping elements.

We continue to invest

State-of-the-art machinery

70 years of experience

Precision mechanics for industry

WUZETEM has been operating for over 70 years, constantly developing new technologies, new product lines and actively investing in R+D and human capital.

The company specializes in precision mechanics, i.e. the production of components whose accuracy is counted in microns The company manufactures advanced components for drive systems, which are used in the automotive, transport, aviation and railway industries, but also in heavy industry and the defense sector.

WUZETEM is a respected manufacturer of parts for diesel engine injectors, which are used on a daily basis by remanufacturing plants around the world. The company offers nozzles for diesel engine injection systems, which are used in cars of such renowned brands as Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, etc. WUZETEM products can be found in the offer of the largest automotive distribution networks in Poland and Europe, such as: Inter Cars, AutoRak, MMDiesel, Diesel Cenrum Polska.

Infrastructure investments, pro-innovation and professional teams have allowed the Company to acquire unique competences, in terms of DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon).
Thanks to the use of innovative nanotechnology – DLC, WUZETEM can cover metal elements with an extremely hard coating resistant to the most difficult conditions (high friction or very high temperatures). WUZETEM is one of the few companies in the world capable of coating in DLC technology, which is currently replacing other methods.

We also supply

Armaments industry

Cooperation with the defence sector

The defence sector is particularly important in the company’s development plans

Currently, one of the company's flagship solutions is the regeneration of fuel injectors for T-72 and PT-91 tanks and BWP-1 infantry fighting vehicles.

WUZETEM is also engaged in a dialogue on the supply of military vehicles from countries such as Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Balkan states. The company develops cooperation with companies related to the production of military optics and equipment elements. In addition, the company’s machinery and production potential allow for the production of not only engine components, but also elements of artillery and tank weapons or ammunition.

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