R&D in a manufacturing company

WUZETEM’s Research and Construction Development Department is not only a source of competitive advantage,  but also allows us to flexibly respond to the changing needs of our customers. 

Flexible production dimension
Work on product improvement and development is equally important in almost every sector of the economy  – whether it is the food, pharmaceutical or mechanical industries. WUZETEM, thanks to its modern production park and Research and Development Laboratory, is able to offer a wide range of steel precision components for vehicles, machines and equipment. It specializes in the design and production of injectors and nozzles for passenger cars, vans, trucks and special vehicles, including licensed production. The implementation of solutions developed by the Research and Construction Development Department into production processes has enabled the company to flexibly adapt to market needs. Obtaining a concession from the Ministry of Interior and Administration at the end of August to carry out business activity in the field of manufacturing and trading in explosives, weapons, ammunition and products and technology for military or police purposes opened up new opportunities for WUZET.

The market is constantly testing the durability of production processes – especially in today’s volatile and demanding times. In the manufacturing industry, you need to look far into the future, have an open mind and expand your product range with newer and newer designs. At WUZETEM, we aim to implement up to 25 new references every year. It is up to the customers to decide what will be put on the market – we produce exactly what they need. The information and orders obtained from customers allow us to create the so-called  plan of new launches, which is finally accepted by the Management Board. says Grzegorz Kaczyński, Deputy Director of the Technical and Production Office for Design

The Development, Research and Construction Department is one of the key departments at WUZETEM, responsible for the entire process related to the implementation of the new launch plan. He has been working at WUZETEM since the beginning of the company’s existence and has a significant impact on the effectiveness of the projects implemented. Within the department, there is a Research and Development Laboratory, where all the characteristics of details are examined, on the basis of which the construction documentation is developed. As a result, the company is constantly expanding its product range with newer and newer constructions in line with market expectations. Thanks to this approach, the plant is able to make any precision steel elements for use in any vehicles, machines or devices. Finished products in the production process are verified both in terms of functionality and compliance with all adopted design assumptions. This department also supports production throughout the manufacturing process, in terms of testing and verification of products at individual stages of the process.

Experts and machines at the service of innovation

The Development, Research and Construction Department employs three high-class specialists. One employee from the Fuel Apparatus Laboratory and two constructors who develop the construction documentation, i.e. a file that is a collection of information about a given product. Together, they monitor the work of the laboratory, where not only the functionality of spare parts is checked, but also the process of controlling all standards  used in production is carried out in order to verify the workplace for correct and uniform indications on all measuring instruments. The Laboratory is equipped with two test benches for testing CR injectors – Eragon EDX611D and Hartridge Sabre Expert and a test table for testing unit injectors – Cambox. The department also has specialized microscopes that can be used to view details under high magnification and, if necessary, take quick measurements. Pneumatic measuring instruments are used both in the process of product inspection and in all production patterns.

Our measuring equipment and experience allow us to carry out a complete production process, basically any elements with a diameter of up to about 50 mm, while maintaining very high strength parameters and with an accuracy of up to micrometers. We press on 6-spindle automatic machines, mill in 5 axes and grind with and without centers. We carry out the complete machining process, through heat treatment and EDM with an accuracy of 1 micron. We also have the option of applying DLC coatings using the PECVD method. We can supply components manufactured using these technologies and maintaining the highest standards for any weapon systems and military equipment,” says Janusz Rostek, Senior Technologist at WUZETEM. 

The structure and functioning of the Development, Research and Construction Department at WUZETEM allows the company to flexibly respond to changes and offer the product that the customer needs. This not only increases the value of the company, broadens knowledge and develops expertise and a range of possibilities, but also strengthens the company’s position in the international arena.

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How does the Research and Development Laboratory in the Research and Design Development Department of WUZETEM function?