Internship at Warsaw Mechanical Works “PZL-WZM” in Warsaw S.A.

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A time of intensive learning and practicing professional skills – this year’s WUZETEM interns – students of the Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery of the Warsaw University of Technology have completed their internships. Thirsty for knowledge, they accompanied the employees of the plant in their daily duties for 4 weeks. They had a unique opportunity to see how it works
and what responsibility rests on the employees of the quality control office and the technical service office.

The internship program in the quality control department included:

  • quality control of supply for DLC-coated needles;
  • legalization of UVA pneumatic instruments;
  • length and angle measurements using the MWD CARL ZEISS JENA microscope;
  • calibration and periodic inspection of measuring instruments;
  • testing and approval for use of measuring equipment;
  • final inspection of the finished product.

On the other hand, the internships in the technical service office consisted of:

  • construction of technological, control and measurement equipment along with construction drawings, including assigning features;
  • optimising the design of tooling taking into account quality requirements and manufacturing costs;
  • creating construction documentation and introducing changes to the existing tooling documentation;
  • designing parts for owned machines and supervising their production.

Each of the students was able to follow the procedures that guarantee high quality of production. Apprentices, enriched with new knowledge, are definitely better prepared to work in the manufacturing industry. The training of future experts ended with the presentation of diplomas confirming the completion of the internship.

We would like to thank all the interns. We wish you the best of luck and hope to see you again soon!

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