[…] The high quality of Wuzetem products makes it the first choice in the largest remanufacturing  factoriesin a demanding market, such as United States.

Currently, 43% of production is addressed to customers in the USA. Every year, the company records an increase in its share in this market. Wuzetem products are also known in the European Union, where the share in sales is at the level of 8% and there is also an annual increase.

Manufactured by the company injector  componentsFor years, they have enjoyed a reputation for being durable and reliable. Thanks to the implemented manufacturing technology DLC coatings, which combine the high hardness of diamond, coated spray needles resist wear and lower resistance to movement, leading to a longer product life […].



Sustainable development

[…] Investing in new technologies, increasing production efficiency and implementing solutions in line with the idea of Industry 4.0 are key elements of continuous sustainable development for Wuzetem.

The company supports the remanufacturing sector, which has a positive impact on the wider economy, such as environmental protection and saving of raw materials, a process that consumes only 55% of energy compared to the production of a new unit. A further benefit is safety, as remanufactured products meet all technical requirements and guarantee a quality comparable to that of the original parts.



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