Interview with  thePresident of the Management Board of the Warsaw Mechanical Works “PZL-WZM” – Anna Ścieszko-Osińska, for Motofocus.

[…] The production of such products that are demanding in terms of fit and quality requires modern machinery,  as well as having our own R&D  Centerand engineering team. Our more than 70 years of experience in many industries – and apart from the automotive industry, we operate in the armaments, agriculture and heavy industry industries – has allowed us to build a comprehensive offer […].

WUZETEM It is a valued partner for services dealing with the repair and regeneration of injection systems. Specialized in the production of the highest quality nozzles, injectors, stamping elements. The injector components we produce have been known for being durable and reliable for years. WUZETEM’s flagship products are tips for injection systems of diesel engines, i.e. atomizers. We offer both conventional injection systems with an operating pressure of up to 230 bar and the most modern systems that meet the Euro6 emission standards, with a pressure of up to 3500 bar […].



WUZETEM is a company that is definitely heading towards the future and wants to build it in accordance with the values of sustainable development,  which is the foundation for the improvement of technologies and processes for the Company. Support remanufacturing sector, which has a positive impact on the wider economy, such as environmental protection and conservation of raw materials, which consumes only 55% of the energy compared to the production of a new unit […].



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