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WUZETEM guarantees high quality of manufactured products which is a result of using materials supplied by renowned global manufacturers, modern and innovative technologies of manufacturing and production implementation, and all this bases on the requirement of ISO 9001.

We guarantee that our product have no defects in material and workmanship which might cause incorrect operation in normal operating conditions and with normal use.

Our commitment resulting from the above guarantee is limited to the replacement of our products for defect-free ones, or replacement in our works within one year from installation on a motor and no later than 18 months from the factory sell-by-date.

This guarantee does not apply to damages being a result of improper operation and use, and in particular:

  1. Nozzles
    • damages of conical valve face caused by contaminations introduced during installation or derived from fuel
    • needle seizure caused by deformation of nozzle opening deformation as a result of exceeding the value of nozzle nut torque value, and contamination
    • failure to replace thermal seals in motor head (for pintle nozzles)
    • improper repair, against the rules
  2. Pumping elements
    • damage of an edge at piston face (compaction) caused by improper operation
    • wear of piston surfaces and cylinder located opposite fuel orifices caused by contamination from fuel
    • piston seizure being result of exceeding of connection tightening torque or contamination from fuel
    • improper repair, against the rules.
  3. Injectors
    • damages during installation of parts, with threading in particular
    • replaced parts and assemblies, deregulation, improper repair, against the rules
    • damages, listed in section on nozzles, caused by contamination.
  4. Injection and supply pumps
    • damages of external parts
    • deregulation, improper repairs, against the rules
    • damages caused by contamination derived from fuel (operation with ineffective filter)