By the decision of the Management Board of the Warsaw Mechanical Works “PZL-WZM” in Warsaw Joint Stock Company

– all commercial transactions with all contractors in Russia and Belarus have been suspended. 

In these very difficult moments for our Ukrainian Neighbours, both the Management Board and the Employees of Warszawskie Zakłady Mechaniczne “PZL-WZM” w Warszawie S.A., express our solidarity with every citizen of Ukraine. Especially with those who have stayed in place and are fighting the invader, with our customers with whom we are in contact on a daily basis. 

Our thoughts and hearts are with all those who are currently facing the pain of war. Also with those who are already in Poland, and whose relatives often remain behind the eastern border. Our employees are among these people. We are here to support you in every matter.

In our opinion, starting a war with Ukraine is an unprecedented violation of international law.
We condemn the Russian Federation’s attack on a free and independent Ukraine.


We support Ukraine! Together.