In November 2019. We have started the process of introducing new product packaging, adjusting it to the expectations of our customers.

The design of the new packaging has been adapted to the consistent graphic line used by the company. The process of replacing the boxes was carried out gradually, and the previously used packaging was successively replaced with new ones.

The new look of the packaging is characterized by bright, modern graphics, thanks to which the information placed on them is more legible for the recipient. Although the new packs are smaller than the previous ones, they can hold 12 spray vials instead of 10. This solution allows us to optimize the process of packing orders and allows our customers to reduce transport costs.

The introduced packaging is tailored to the appropriate product groups. Currently, all P-type products from the current production are already packed in new cartons.

WUZETEM cares about the high quality of its products at every stage of order processing – from the production process to packaging and shipment of goods. In order to guarantee the safety of the full packaging and the originality of the products, company holograms are placed on the new packaging.

Along with the change of packaging, the vials were changed to single atomizers. They are smaller, tailored to the product, and thus provide a higher level of corrosion protection. The vial is opened with a screwdriver and the intact cap guarantees the originality of the product.