Meeting of WUZETEM experts with journalists during the press breakfast


The positive transformation of the company, its competences, potential and expansion were discussed by WUZETEM experts, led by President Anna Ścieszko-Osińska, during the Press Breakfast on 6 October this year in Warsaw.

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One of the most important topics was NEW TECHNOLOGIES AND TARGET MARKETS

One of the key factors in the successful transformation of WUZETEM was the expansion of the machine park and the development of the R+D department , including cooperation with universities such as the Military University of Technology, the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and the Warsaw University of Technology. As a result, the company is currently one of the few companies in Poland and Europe  that successfully implements DLC technology – the production of diamond-like-carbon coatings, combining the high hardness typical of diamond with the low coefficient of friction characteristic of graphite; it has also developed the ability to conduct reverse engineering.

WUZETEM is a respected manufacturer of parts for diesel engine injectors, which  are used on a  daily basis by remanufacturing plants around the world.  The company offers nozzles for diesel engine injection systems, which are used in cars of such renowned brands as Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, etc.

Under the new management, WUZETEM has built a dominant position as a supplier of components for the automotive and railway industries, including in the USA. The company sells more than 40% of its production to the USA and declares to increase its share in this market in the coming years, stressing that the American market is the most demanding in the world.

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Thanks to these investments and expert know-how, WUZETEM has achieved new industrial competences for the benefit not only of itself, but also of related sectors, including those of strategic importance, requiring resilience, such as defence sector. Tone of the important directions of development planned by the company’s Management Board and implemented obtaining a concession from the Ministry of Interior and Administration for the production, storage and trade of weapons and ammunition for military and police purposes.

Currently, in the defense sector,  the main solution provided by the company is the regeneration of fuel injectors for T-72 and PT-91 tanks and BWP-1 infantry fighting vehicles (in service with the Polish army). WUZETEM is also engaged in a dialogue on the supply of military vehicles from countries such as Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Balkan states. The company develops cooperation with companies related to the production of military optics and equipment elements. In addition, the company’s machinery and production potential allow for the production of not only engine components, but also elements of artillery and tank weapons or ammunition.

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Recent crisis years have proven how important it is to ensure the security of the supply chain, and in this respect, the key process is to engage the domestic industry in deliveries in such a way that logistics chains are as short, flexible and resistant to turbulence as possible.

“WUZETEM has contributed to building the independence and security of various supply chains, including the arms sector (…) In this respect, the optimal solution is to engage the domestic industry in such a way that the logistics chains are as short, flexible and turbulent as possible,”
concludes Anna Ścieszko-Osińska, President of the Management Board of WUZETEM S.A.



As part of the summary of the press meeting, President A. Ścieszko-Osińska emphasized the importance of investments in infrastructure, but also in human capital. The company’s position on both the Polish and global market is the result of the efforts of all teams and the change of work culture, in which the guiding principle is “first – people” and the approach “we can work everything out” instead of “we can do it”.


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