Contaminants, sediments, improper installation – there are various causes of injector wear. However, it is not necessary to purchase new parts. 


Injectors should be regenerated. It is a more economical and environmentally friendly solution,  while maintaining full efficiency and the highest quality of the product. WUZETEM gives injectors a second life.

Injectors They are one of the main components of parts in the injection system, in diesel engines. Their precision in execution reduces exhaust emissions and fuel consumption, which has enabled vehicle manufacturers to meet stringent standards related to environmental protection. On a daily basis, however, injectors work in very difficult conditions. High temperature and enormous pressure can change the parameters of the parts, and further neglect of the injection system can lead to serious engine failures. That’s why it’s so important to choose high-quality products and monitor their condition. If the high level of wear does not allow for further safe operation, the injectors should be replaced with new ones or regenerated.

The process of remanufacturing injectors is more cost-effective than buying new parts. However, in order to properly perform the restoration, expert knowledge, experience and precision are needed, for this reason it is best to outsource the task to professionals. – said Paweł Orliński, Deputy Director of the Technical and Production Office for Primary Production at WUZETEM.

Regeneration in three steps

Injector  regeneration processcan be divided into three main stages: verification of the injector’s worn-out components and determination of which can be reused, such as the injector body, assembly – i.e. assembling the injector from components, and verification of the injector’s functioning – operation, outflows, pressure drop,  tightness.

At WUZETEM, the regeneration process begins with an injector being checked by experts for mechanical damage. Parts that are suitable for reuse are prepared for further remanufacturing steps.
It is standard to replace worn consumables, e.g. the atomizer, which is the most important part of the injector. This element is susceptible to damage because it is under the influence of unfavourable physico-chemical conditions in the combustion chamber and the forces occurring as a result of the intensive cooperation of the components of the precision steam. The entire production process of the military sprayer is carried out in WUZETEM plants, on numerically controlled machines – CNC. It includes body and needle blank boring, drilling operations, heat and thermochemical treatments, internal and external body surface grinding operations, as well as needle outer surface grinding operations and spray hole drilling. The sprayer is additionally inspected by a team of specialists in a modern laboratory – on the Eragon device.

Then, the assembled military injector is subjected to tests to confirm its efficiency. WUZETEM uses special specialized devices that check almost all functions of the injector, including fuel atomization or tightness of overflows. Quality control is primarily the responsibility of the operator of the device, on which the functionality of the finished military injector is checked in terms of operation, tightness and fuel outflow. Thanks to such actions, the customer receives a fully functional product.

The Importance of Regeneration

Extending the life of the injector brings a number of benefits – not only counted in PLN. Remanufacturing is environmentally friendly because it reduces exhaust emissions associated with the production and transport of new parts, as well as reducing waste. There is also less consumption of energy, water and raw materials, such as steel, which are expensive and their availability is very limited. At the same time, remanufacturing takes less time than the production of a new product, which makes the service lead time satisfactory. In this way, not only the company benefits, but also its customer, who wants to use a service that suits him in a relatively short time.

The regenerated injector is as efficient as the new products, which is verified by the manufacturer himself. This guarantees that it is suitable for further and safe operation.

 Currently, we offer injectors for the following engines: V46-6, S-12U, UTD-20