WUZETEM was the winner of the sixth edition of the “I like it because it’s  Polish” plebiscite in the “Innovative Product” category. 

The aim of the competition organized by the Polish Radio is to distinguish domestic companies that guarantee the highest quality of products and services and are ambassadors of Polish abroad.

This year, the jury of the “I like it because it’s Polish” competition selected the winners in four categories: “Best Polish Ecological Product”, “Best Polish Service”, “Best Polish Export Product” and “Innovative Product”.  “Fuel nozzles with a needle coated with DLC” developed by the Warsaw Mechanical Works “PZL-WZM” in Warsaw S.A. won the first place and received the title of “Innovative Product 2022”. According to the jury, it is an innovative product that has significantly increased the company’s competitiveness on the domestic and foreign markets.

“We are proud that the DLC-coated fuel nozzles manufactured by WUZETEM have won in the field of innovation. For years, our company’s growth has been driven by research and development activities aimed at providing breakthrough solutions for the automotive, defense and aerospace sectors. We invest in the Development, Research and Construction Department, within which we dynamically develop the Research and Development Laboratory, which allows us to improve products and processes related to their production. We focus on new technologies, intensively increase production efficiency and expand our product portfolio.  The first place in the “I like it because it’s Polish” competition  is another confirmation that we have chosen the right direction of development,” says Anna Ścieszko-Osińska, President of the Management Board of WUZETEM.

WUZETEM team with an award

Unique properties of DLC coatings

The fuel atomizer is an integral part of the injection system. Significant wear and improper operation of this element affects the deterioration of the degree of fuel atomization, which may result in m.in. increased combustion, starting problems, unstable operation and loss of engine power, and even a shortened engine life. Fuel nozzles developed by WUZETEM that won first place

in the “I like it because it’s Polish” competition, they show exceptional resistance to premature wear, ensure smooth and long operation of the entire system. The experts achieved this by applying a DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating to  the needle of the atomizer. As a result, the product has gained a number of valuable properties that real diamonds possess, including: exceptional resistance to adhesion, erosion, cavitational and abrasive wear. In addition, the product provides good sliding properties, low coefficient of friction, chemical inertness, thermal resistance and smoothness. The DLC coating is also very flexible and has an extremely hard surface, which is significantly superior to the surface of highly hardened steel grades.

WUZETEM closely cooperates with several universities, m.in. with the Military University of Technology and the Warsaw University of Technology, whose scientific staff is heavily involved in DLC research. For almost seven decades, the company has been offering comprehensive solutions in the field of precision mechanics for manufacturers and distributors from the automotive, defense and heavy industry industries. Currently, it is working on expanding its offer and expanding its distribution network.

The first edition of the “I like it because it’s Polish” ranking was organized in 2017. The results of this year’s competition were announced on 25 November during the economic programme “Winien i Ma” on Polish Radio 3. The finalists received their awards during a gala ceremony held at the headquarters of the Polish Radio.

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