On Thursday, 7 September, at 7 p.m.,  the Economic Clinic program on TVP3 Rzeszów broadcast a material in which the transformation process of WUZETEM was presented. 


Economic Clinic It is a program where Polish companies are shown, which thanks to a thorough restructuring have managed to get out of a difficult financial situation.

The program featured WUZETEM Experts, who talked about the development of the product offer, technology, as well as planning and implementing changes in the company’s key departments, as well as plans for its further development. 

The spectators could see the effects  of themodernization of the WUZETEM machine park. 

An extremely important point of the material was the speech  of thePresident of the Management Board of the Industrial Development Agency –  Cezariusz Lesisz, who emphasized the support of the IDA Group for the development of WUZETEM.



We invite you to familiarize yourself with the archival recording of the video material: WUZETEM Economic Clinic 

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