During the event Defence 24 Day, which took place on 24-25 May 2023 The company presented its offer for the defence industry. The key point of the program was the speech of the President of the Management Board, Anna Ścieszko-Osińska, in the panel: “The life cycle of armament and military equipment”. The discussion was also attended by: gen. brig. Dir. Dariusz Wroński, Col. Piotr Calak, Head of Technical Services in the Inspectorate for Armed Forces Support, and Stanisław Gulatowicz from the Department of Armament Policy of the Ministry of Defence, as well as Damian Ratka, who chaired the panel on behalf of Defence24.pl.

Due to the political situation, most of the countries on NATO’s eastern flank are making dynamic purchases of military equipment and armaments. Bearing in mind that most of the expenses related to the functioning of the equipment are incurred after its purchase, the participants of the panel talked about life cycle management and maintaining the combat capability of the equipment.

During this year’sDefence24 DAY , Anna Ścieszko-Osińska, President of the Management Board of Warsaw Mechanical Works “PZL-WZM”, also gave an interview to Polsat NEWS, in which she spoke  about thereadiness to carry out orders for the Polish Armed Forces in the field of precision mechanics, as well as about the prospects of WUZET’s entry into the supply chains of domestic and foreign defence companies. 

“In recent years, we have invested in machine park. Among other things, we purchased a machine for applying diamond-like carbon coatings. To which, on our own, we have implemented and continue to develop the technology of producing DLC coatings using the PACVD method on spray needles and other details. Our state-of-the-art machinery is adapted to the production of precision munitions, drones, fuzes or warheads due to the manufacturing accuracy.” – said m. among others. Anna Ścieszko-Osińska, President of the Management Board of the Warsaw Mechanical Works PZL-WZM in Warsaw S.A. President of WUZETEM also stressed that “we must invest in the defence of the Republic of Poland, because beneficiaries of security we’re all.”

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