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Defence sector

Engine injectors are components in the engine's fuel system that directly feed atomized fuel into the engine cylinder

We offer comprehensive solutions in the field of precision mechanics. We specialize in the production of technologically advanced elements for the defense industry, heavy industry, military aviation, civil aviation, used in drones, elements of guidance warheads and fuzes. We guarantee the accuracy of the workmanship below a micrometer.

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Ministry of Interior and Administration


In the production of fuel injectors for tanks (T-72 and PT-91) and infantry fighting vehicles (BWP-1), the technology of diamond-like carbon coatings (DLC) is used on the nozzle needles, thanks to which the injectors are more resistant to factors such as friction, high and low temperatures, corrosion. The elements are also characterized by high durability.

Regeneration of used injectors and nozzles.
The use of appropriate technologies allows to restore the original parameters of a given element at a much lower cost than in the case of producing a new injector from scratch.

High-tech elements of precision mechanics that are used in drones, elements of guidance warheads and fuzes.