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We make high-quality nozzles for the injection systems of diesel engines

They are used in injectors that are equipped in passenger cars, vans and agricultural and construction machinery from global manufacturers such Volkswagen, Toyota, Mercedes, Cummins, Perkins. WUZETEM nozzles ensure trouble-free, long-term and stable operation of the injection system.

S type nozzles

P type nozzles

499, 799, G type nozzles

EM type nozzles

Pintle nozzles

Special nozzles

Basic rules for assembling and disassembling nozzles

Before installing new nozzles (injector tips), we invite you to familiarize yourself with the basic recommendations of the engine and injection equipment manufacturer. Thanks to them, you will gain efficient operation of the injectors and their greater durability and reliability. The atomizer is the most PRECISE component of the injector.

The gap between the needle and the body does not exceed TWO THOUSANDTHS OF A MILLIMETER, hence the ATOMIZER IS AN INSEPARABLE PRECISION PAIR in which PARTS CANNOT BE INTERCHANGED. WUZETEM nozzles are comprehensively checked, free of any impurities and preserved with a special liquid. Any slightest particle of rust, metal filings, or dust can cause the needle to jam and hang, interrupt the sprayer and damage it. THEREFORE, IT IS REQUIRED TO ENSURE ABSOLUTE CLEANLINESS OF THE INJECTOR PARTS COOPERATING WITH THE ATOMIZER, CLEANLINESS OF THE SAMPLER, TEST OIL AND CLEANLINESS OF THE OPERATOR. Before starting the adjustment on the sampler, the sprayer must be maintained.

Very important are the tightening forces of the injector in the engine head and the forces pressing the nozzle to the injector holder provided by the manufacturers of engines and injection equipment. Too high tightening torques can cause deformation of the nozzle body, causing looseness and jamming (seizure, hanging) of the nozzle needle during high temperature operation, hence IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY TO OBSERVE THE CORRECT TIGHTENING TORQUE OF THE NOZZLE MOUNTING NUT WHEN INSTALLING THE INJECTOR.

OUR NOZZLES GUARANTEE long-term and reliable operation, low fuel consumption, no smoke, adequately low exhaust emissions, trouble-free engine starting, provided that the nozzle opening pressure is properly regulated, which is checked and adjusted on a SPECIAL TESTER FOR CHECKING AND ADJUSTING INJECTORS. The tightness of the connection between the injector holder and the atomizer depends mainly on the DEGREE OF WEAR OF THE INJECTOR PARTS, i.e. SPACER, BODY, ROD, SPRING, therefore, when replacing the atomizer, the technical condition of the injector parts should be carefully examined and, if necessary, they should also be replaced.

HIGHEST QUALITY WUZETEM NOZZLES and properly installed and adjusted injection equipment ensure long-term satisfaction of their users.


Instructions for assembling and disassembling replacement nozzles for type injectors: